Thread: Whole Boat
Yacht: Sailing Boat
Sailing Directions: ESE
Sailing Time: 1h




  • Peter Island was also a hotspot for pirate activity. When the Spaniards were focusing their attention elsewhere, pirates were invading the islands. Deadman's Island right off of Deadman's Bay is supposedly where the famous pirate "Blackbeard" left a group of men with just a cask of rum and a sword. This was the story behind "Yo ho Yo ho and a bottle of Rum" as well as the name it bears now.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, some agricultural experimentation was done on the island, but in 1916 a horrific hurricane destroyed everything.

  • Torolf Smedwig, a Norweigan Millionaire purchased 500 hundred acres land in the late 60s (1968). He owned the largest sardine packing plant in Norway as well as oil explorations in Oklahoma. He purchased his piece of paradise for $950,000.

  • Peter Island took a direct hit with hurricane Hugo.10 Sept 1989.
  • Around 1920 a gentleman called Brunial Bruce was growing tobacco on the island and he had a small cigarette and cigar company in Little Harbor that he exported to Anguilla, Antigua and other down island places. 
    chubbHousePeterWhen he lost market share, he sold his land and buildings to Mr. Percy Chubb. He retired there and lived there until he died and one story says that it was sold to Peter Island Resort in the mid 80s.
    The old Chubb House is, but not 100 feet off the back of the dock there are all the ruins of an old area with buildings, gardens, greehouses, workshops, wall, wells, and a lot more.



peterkeybayKey Bay 

Located on the western side of Peter Island, Key Bay is tucked behind Key Point and Key Cay that protect it from southerly waves yet allow fresh breeze to pass.

There are some coral heads on the bottom so it is best to arrive with plenty of light.







Small Harbour

White Bay

Key Point

Dead Men

Great Harbour