Thread: Whole Boat
Yacht: Sailing Boat
Sailing Directions: ESE
Sailing Time: 1h




Norman Island is home to the legend of pirates, hidden caves and buried treasure.  Perhaps most notably, Norman Island is the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island" which has made the legend of Norman Island famous worldwide. 


Benures Bay:

Benures Bay is an amply sized and well-protected bay that lies on the North shore of Norman Island.  The entrance is wide open and free of shoals or other obstructions.  Benures Bay is a lovely secluded spot that offers good anchoring and protection under most conditions. 

The exception would be with a northern wind…you would probably be best to find a better-protected anchorage.  You will find the best anchoring to be o the northeast side of Benures Bay; there is good holding ground and some nice snorkeling in Benures as well.

Soldier Bay:

Soldier bay is also located along the Northern side of Norman Island and is just to the west of Benures Bay.  Soldier Bay is suitable for just a few boats and like Benures, is best avoided in a northern wind.

Best conditions for Soldier bay in the summer months when there is a prevailing southeast vs., the winter months when you are more likely to have the Northern wind.  The entrance to Soldier Bay is open and straightforward.  There are no shoals or hidden obstructions. There is good holding ground and nice snorkeling in Soldier Bay.